There is Beauty in Simplicity

simple interior design

I love the movement we’re seeing in the design world toward simplicity.   All things white, bright, and airy are making their appearance in beautiful spaces.

When it comes to beautiful interior design, often times less is more and simple equates to elegance. With a clean and simple palate, the right accessories can help add some pop and pizazz to most any space.

Another idea to help create a simple — yet sophisticated — design is to incorporate an eclectic look as opposed to trying to coordinate every single piece. The openness of a white, bright and airy design will offer endless design opportunities. Take a peak at these dreamy bedroom designs and their refreshing spin on white.

Minimal furniture, natural wood tones and white linens make this bedroom feel simple and sunny.  I am also totally in love with this mid-century modern wishbone chair; it is the perfect alternative to a bulky nightstand.  Again, consider designs that are simple, yet functional. The natural wood tones actually help the other design elements to stand out and shine.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Make it simple, but significant

These luxuriously simple bedrooms get down to the basics with their exposed wood beams, painted brick, reclaimed hardwood flooring.

Notice the impact of the pendants which are sleek but not overpowering.

The combination of the exposed beams, the painted brick and the pendants bring a true eclectic atmosphere to the space

minimalist interior design

interior design minimalism


This simple black and white bedroom sheds all things unnecessary with a monochromatic color scheme and bare bulb light fixture.

The bold black and white stripes are classically simple, yet playful and fun.

Does the white help accent the black, or does the black help accent the white? This type of design will prove timeless and would appeal to almost any taste.

striped minimalism

stripped minimal design