Fall and Winter 2017 Interior Design Color Trends

Fall is almost here, and we are already researching what home design and color hues will be huge for Fall and Winter 2017.

Missing color?  You are not alone!  For a few years now, the “go-to” colors were cool whites and grays for interiors.  This year finds us moving away from the all-white and gray scene.  Instead, people are embracing warm, rich shades of brown, green, mocha, tan, blue, and even blush!  Yes!  Pink is back…easy, soft pinks!  It seems we are craving those tones that replicate what we see in nature everyday.

In fact, the most popular shade of green right now is a dark green, sometimes called “Greenery.”  You can find it in kitchens, baths, and even on furniture in the coming months.

Matte black is another color that will be seen as well.  New matte black appliances, lighting fixtures, and even bathroom fixtures will make a debut.  Adding one matte black piece to any room makes a big statement and is a great way to refresh your space.

Copper fixtures and copper touches, although still in vogue, will be replaced with brass!  You will see lots of warm brass lighting and lamps, brass accents on tables, and even on sofas and upholstered pieces.

Gone are the days of generic, bland furniture sets.   We are now into the mixing and matching of furniture pieces that create a space that brings together serenity and comfort but that also functions to best suit your needs.  Velvet is huge this Fall and Winter!  Pairing velvet with woven textures and smooth metals will generate a smart and classic look for your home.  Picture a beautiful velvet chair and an antiqued brass lamp complimenting a room with woven baskets, a rough-sawn wood table, and soft, nubby textiles.  Wouldn’t you want to curl up there with a good book or relax after a day at the office?

Bedrooms are getting rid of big bulky beds and utilizing upholstered headboards to create a softer, cozier feel.  Duvets, all-white sheets, and boring bedding will be replaced with lots of soft quilts and comfortable blankets and those colors that wrap us in pleasant tranquility.

You will see more and more people extending the life of their outdoor spaces by adding portable heaters and/or fireplaces, soft, woven throws and pillows, and gentle outdoor lighting.  Outdoor furnishings will be imitating the trend that is happening indoors, as well.

Relaxation is our #1 goal for Fall and Winter.  We are craving our spaces to be soothing retreats these days, and many of our design trends are following this path as well.  You will discover that there are many new ways of creating a sanctuary in your home, whether it is a small nook in a larger space or an entire room dedicated to become your refuge, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

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