Harold Ross and Brad Seitzinger have been fishing buddies for over 20 years. Brad works with Northwestern Insurance and used to be the local manager of their Johnson City office back in the mid 90s. Brad has since moved on to manage his own Regional office in Michigan.

Brad had asked Harold to keep on the lookout for a local property near the river that at some point Brad would come back to retire. As they searched for possibilities late one evening they came upon one particular property on top of a beautiful hill in the middle of Watauga, TN. It was an old 36 acre farm that had a dated home built at the top of the property.

Harold takes a group of fly fishermen into the backcountry of the Smoky Mountains every year on his annual camping trip. Most of the guys that go with him are friends of his from church, including Brad. It was this friendship that developed over the love of fly fishing that Harold and Brad discovered a location in Watauga, TN, that would soon become home base for their adventures locally.

Upon securing the home and property, Brad asked Harold for his recommendation for a remodeling company. Brad met with Sam Taylor and his team of professionals at Property Experts and decided to move forward with an entire house remodel.

Over the next three months, the home was pretty much gutted and then rebuilt from the floors up. The transformation was truly incredible. The kitchen was opened up to allow family to share views into the family room. Light fixtures were replaced, walls were painted with lighter and brighter colors. Doors and trim were replaced to give a professional contrast.

Now that the project is finished, Brad has decided to share his new home with others through AirBNB.